Richard Winter Reiki

Hello, I’m Richard. 

I have been practicing Reiki for nearly 27 years. 

I invested in my level 1 Reiki for myself on my 21st Birthday and it was a present to last a lifetime. 

5 years later I was lucky enough to meet a Buddhist Monk who had a lineage with Dr Usui the founder of the Usui system of Reiki who attuned me to the 3rd level which was an event I will not forget.

My intention is to channel Reiki energy in its purest form, letting it go to where is needed for the greatest amount of healing to be achieved and helping my clients on a more wholistic level.

Whatever your issue, I intend to let Reiki fill your body with a relaxed sense of wellbeing, a radiance of joy and a new space to let healing take place even after your session is complete.

From this can come life changes, growth in confidence and more trust in life, to see life is working for you and not against you.

Here is to happiness, health and wellbeing!

I look forward to helping you.