Teresa Teasdale  

HPC registered  MSSCh MBChA


Whatever your foot problem
I and my HPC registered

Chiropody & Podiatry team

will do everything we can     

to solve it for you.    


Benefits of our Chiropody services

can be

Less pain

Enhanced mobility

No lengthy waiting lists

No referral from GP necessary  

Extensive surgery based facilities & equipment,

Highest standards in professional medical hygiene,

Professional diagnosis & treatment with over 20 yrs experience
Being closely associated with many other on site professional
practitioners for inter referral.

About my Chiropody practice.  
The Chiropody Practice was established in 1960 by my mother
 Doreen Pengelly
1) in Fore St, Liskeard and has been developed & run by myself  Teresa Teasdale  HPC registered  MSSCh MBChA since we moved to Pigmeadow Lane, Liskeard in 1989.  Our reception is open six days a week from 9 am to 5pm but treatment can be arranged outside of these times by appointment.

As well as being the owner of the Well Being Centre and working with 15 other consultant practitioners, I head a team of 3 HPC registered chiropodist-podiatrists here, providing surgery based and visiting chiropody which encompasses……….

In-growing nail treatment, Corn & Callous removal, Thick and painful nail reduction,
Nail removal surgery Fungal nail treatment, Foot care and footwear advice,
 Orthotics, Bio-mechanics and even shoe stretching.
Bio-mechanics and Orthotics assessments are available on Fridays with Sally Clarke and Visiting Chiropody is carried out by Rachel Liminton.