NEW:  DEEP CURES - releasing blockages to healing

The Bowen Technique:WITH JOANNA AUSTEN in Liskeard and Bodmin










Bowen is a gentle muscle-release therapy consisting of a dynamic series of gentle, precise and relaxing “rolling” moves over muscles and soft tissue.  Bowen empowers the body’s own healing resources .  The moves encourage the body to balance itself both structurally and also in terms of its organs and systems.  For this reason, Bowen is effective in treating all kinds of aches and pains as well as imbalances within the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, reproductive systems, etc.  Many clients find the simplicity of this therapy remarkable and are amazed at its effectiveness for all kinds of health problems.


The treatment is non-invasive and NO forceful manipulation is used making it safe and suitable for any age.  Using fingers and thumbs small rolling movements are made over tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at precise points on the body.  Many of the moves are over recognised trigger points, acupuncture points, neurolymphatic reflex points, golgi receptor cells and joint proprioreceptors.  Gentle fascia work is also often incorporated.  One of the most profound effects Bowen can have is in shifting the Autonomic Nervous System – which controls over 80% of bodily functions – releasing stress at very deep levels.  This subtle, but dynamic process, allows the body to re-align, address imbalances in functions and chemical compositions and, as far as possible, restore homeostasis (physiological equilibrium) within the body.  This could explain why even a small number of Bowen treatments frequently activate the recovery process when healing from pain, trauma, sickness, injury or surgery.

The movements are interspersed with periods of rest to allow the body to “process” the treatment.  Sometimes during these breaks the client may feel subtle responses and fine adjustments taking place.   


Treatments are usually performed over light clothing and can last up to 45 minutes.  Sessions are generally one week apart and often clients will only need a minimal number of sessions.


There  have  been   a   number  of  research  studies  carried out   into the  efficacy of  Bowen for a number  of  conditions, details of which Joanna can supply to anyone interested.  There are studies into: Frozen Shoulder; back pain; fibromyalgia; hamstring elasticity; asthma; knee pain, lymphoedema.  Copies of these studies are available.

For women:  Bowen has helped with PMT; Period Pains; Hot Flushes.  Fantastic aid during pregnancy.


Basically, because Bowen activates the body’s own healing mechanisms it is possible that it can help with any condition that is causing problems, so always contact Joanna for a chat about your particular problem.


ABOUT JOANNA AUSTEN: Practising  at The Wellbeing Centre, Liskeard and at the Therapy Room, Bodmin.              

CHNC REGISTERED* Joanna Austen is a highly experienced Bowen Therapist who qualified in the Bowen Technique in 2004  and since that time has carried out numerous further training courses to enhance  her knowledge of thi s dynamic therapy.   She concentrates solely on the Bowen Technique and has worked in a busy clinic since qualifying.  She has learnt to be able to assess the body to see where there are major muscle imbalances, which often lead to painful conditions such as unremitting  back, neck or shoulder pain. Due to her ongoing and continual training,  she is also able to treat the body on various longitudinal fascial lines which leads to help for so many conditions that may have been long standing and may not have responded to other treatments –particularly effective in seat belt type injuries.  Joanna is absolutely passionate about the Bowen Technique and is always willing to chat to anyone about how Bowen may help them.  She is extremely knowledgeable on her subject, is always carrying out continual professional development and is a caring and compassionate therapist who offers the highest professional standards.  She is very used to treating the elderly and young alike.  Her business has been built on personal recommendations and referrals, and she treats a number of health professionals who have found Bowen to be helpful.


ASTHMA: Joanna has had the fortune of training with Alistair Rattray,  who is passionate about  treating childhood asthma.  Adult asthma can also benefit from treatment.


SPORTS INJURIES:  Joanna has been lucky enough to carry out Sports Injury training with Paula Esson, a top level sports professional and clinic director of the NIHP, who passionately believes that Bowen has a valuable place in the integrative approach to injury prevention and treatment for sports injures. The highly successful clinic near Durham that she runs offers a great back up service to Joanna’s sports injury work.  Have a look at the web site, which details the stories of the Leeds Rhino rugby players who use Bowen for their injury treatment and prevention.



Joanna has carried out many training courses, including:

ECBS Courses:

Advanced 1.    Pelvic/Shoulder.   TMJ/Diaphragm.    Asthma/Respiratory.    Sports Injuries 1&2.   Anatomy Trains. Assessment Course.

Related   Bowen  orientated   additional   Courses

Max Walker’s  Bowen ; Gene Dobkins Neural Touch Therapy; Ron  Phelan  Practitioner Assessment Skills;

Howard Plummer : Fascial Bowen incorporating the treatment of children with dyspraxia and autism.

Other related qualifications:

ITEC   Anatomy & Physiology - distinction

*CHNC registered – Government backed body to regulate the complimentary health industry and ensure patient safety.



NEW ADDITION FROM MAY 2011:    DEEP CURES – releasing  blockages to healing


Essentially, Deep Cures has two fundamental objectives: The first is to identify and then balance impediments to the process of auto-regulation. The second is to fine tune the body after the session to the extent that clients receiving Bowen derive maximum benefits from the work, structurally, nutritionally and emotionally.  Past trauma and blockages can often be released, leaving the previously “therapy resistant” client open to bodywork.